Fall 2021 Tour Dates!

26 April 2021

After two canceled tours and a year of waiting to get back on the road, it's finally tour announce time 🚌🤩 We couldn't be more excited to be on the road again with our friends Covey and Breakup Shoes 🙌🏽

It’s been waaaaay too long!

All tickets go on sale on Fri. Apr. 30 at 10 am local.

New Music: My Destination!

12 February 2021

Here’s a jam for you all. Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day 💖💖.

Love is our destination!

Our first ever cover. 'My Destination' by Toots and the Maytals off of their album Never Grow Old 💥

Listen here!

New Music: Baila!

5 February 2021

Baila is a song that started as a personal take on romance but ended up being about love, loss, and growing apart. Our grandmother, who is from Juarez, taught us a lot about music from Mexico, making it an important and significant part of our upbringing. Morning drives through the mountains listening to the boundless mess of corrido tapes she’d keep in her car, she continuously emphasized the amount of passion that is put into Mexican music. Especially those written about romance and heartbreak, grief and loss. The sense of pining and loneliness we heard in some of our favorites like el reloj or bésame mucho inspired this star-crossed love ballad. I feel symbolism plays a huge part as well in remembering those we’ve loved, lost, and will continue to love.

This song is here at a difficult time in our lives. Anthony and I who are cousins, and Eugene as our brother, have lost two of our family members who were beyond close to us. I like to see this as part of the symbolism we need and that they would want, to honor and remember those who’ve past through song.

We’re finding it quite beautiful that the cover art is a woman twirling wildly under the stars, on a stage that somewhat represents a día de los muertos altar, and the lyrical base being less about wanting one more moment with a loved one, but a soul mate, a friend beyond friends. There’s so much to be said through the spiral of emotions and feeling... but all I’m asking is for everyone to listen, love, sing and dance! That’s what they would have wanted and will have them smiling upon us all ❤️

Love y’all so much
~ Summer Salt

Stream Baila here.

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Just Announced: Live Holiday Show!

8 December 2020

It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to play for you all.. so we’re streaming a live full production holiday-themed show for you on Dec 19th. We’re so excited and gonnna make it rock!!


Tickets are on sale now HERE with additional VIP options if interested! It’ll be up for 72 hours so allll of our earthling friends can catch it in any time one.


Love y’all. Let's rock!

Out Now: Avenue G!

30 September 2020

Avenue G is a landmark for us - the heart of Austin, TX where it all started. We wanted to make an EP dedicated to this and start a chronicle for songs that we wrote when we were younger, revisit them and bring them back to life. 🌴🌴

Avenue G has now arrived in its entirety and we hope you love it. Stream + download HERE! 🌱 🏡 💚