Campanita: Arriving May 19

21 February 2023

Campanita, our next full length album will arrive on May 19th!!! We are debuting our new music with the album's title track, "Campanita," this Thursday and we are beyond excited for you to hear it.

Campanita is a very special album that I (Matt) wrote in dedication to my sister Madeleine. All songs have pieces of us and our relationship as siblings, but more importantly as friends and our guide from childhood into the mess of adulthood and beyond. The title track Campanita, is a song about her and that no matter where she is we are close and in a good place together. Its about how closeness doesn’t have to be a physical thing and can exist as something else. Euji, Tony, and Winston helped so much in making this a permanent thing for me and used their own experiences, song, and words to help make this album possible, so thanks y’all. Love you! It’s coming soon! We’re so excited and hope y’all are too! Long Live Campanita!!!

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