Clover Video: Out Now!

1 September 2021

our official Clover video is out now!!! 🍀🍀 catch the full video HERE. this song means a lot to our heartsss so we really wanted to do something special visually to show how it makes us feel!

Out Now: Sequoia Moon!

25 June 2021

We made it!! Sequoia Moon is here!! This album has meant so much to us and we can't believe that we are finally able to share it with you all. Our passion and heart at its core, our self expression and love in the best way we know how 🙂 music!!

We've been writing this for the past few years and have put everything we got into it! These songs are about duality, transitions, running away, stories about our personal lives, failures, loves and heartbreak.. but filled with wonderment and fantasy to make life feel a little lighter when things can feel so heavy sometimes. We hope y'all can relate and find some peace in listening to the new songs this summer! We did a few new things this time around and it was our first time working with a producer. We'd like to thank Phil Ek (Chill Ek) for bringing the album to life! Couldn't be more thankful and the experience was killer. We'd also like to thank our brothers Winston Triolo and Anthony Barnett for performing on this album with us.

Here's to Sequoia Moon! Love y'alll... fans, friends, family, earthlings!! Cheers!

Listen HERE.

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Pre-order our Sequoia Moon vinyl HERE.

New Music: Clover Out Now!

21 May 2021

Clover has made its debut 💚 a song about messing up, making mistakes and finding that loyal companion to pull ya through.

Who is clover??? A lover? A diary? A dog? Euji? Listen to clover and find out... and tell us who you think clover is 🍀

Listen here!

New Music: Monday's Fácil Out Now!

29 April 2021

We couldn't be more excited to announce our second full-length album, Sequoia Moon, arriving in it's entirety on June 25th! An album about finding your people and your way back home, but we hope it takes on a life of its own for you!

Our first album single, Monday's Fácil, is out now for all you slackers trying to do your best livin' lif. Listen to Monday's Fácil here!

If you like what you're hearing, we invite you to pre-order our full album (including a 2-disc deluxe vinyl package) today here!