Campanita: Arriving May 19

21 February 2023

Campanita, our next full length album will arrive on May 19th!!! We are debuting our new music with the album's title track, "Campanita," this Thursday and we are beyond excited for you to hear it.

Campanita is a very special album that I (Matt) wrote in dedication to my sister Madeleine. All songs have pieces of us and our relationship as siblings, but more importantly as friends and our guide from childhood into the mess of adulthood and beyond. The title track Campanita, is a song about her and that no matter where she is we are close and in a good place together. Its about how closeness doesn’t have to be a physical thing and can exist as something else. Euji, Tony, and Winston helped so much in making this a permanent thing for me and used their own experiences, song, and words to help make this album possible, so thanks y’all. Love you! It’s coming soon! We’re so excited and hope y’all are too! Long Live Campanita!!!

Pre-save Campanita here.

Pre-order vinyl and merchandise here.

We can't wait to share this record with you!

Introducing: The Early EPs Vinyl

9 November 2022

friends, we are taking it back to where it all began. we are beyond excited to share our latest vinyl creation with you, The Early EPs, featuring all three of our early Summer Salt EPs in one place for you.

that's right! you can finally have your own copy to spin Driving to Hawaii, Time Away From Home, Candy Wrappers and even more! Side A features our full Driving to Hawaii EP and Side B features both Going Native and So Polite EPs.

you can now pre-order your very own copy (featuring a 12 in. opaque red record) here! We will be shipping pre-orders out early December, so they will arrive prior to the upcoming holidays.

Just Announced: Summer Tour with Driver Era!

31 May 2022

Heyo! We have some Exciting news 🥳 later this summer we’ll be opening for The Driver Era as part of their full US summer Tour. We can’t wait to play music with them on the road, meet new fans, and see some old ones! 💚

We’re ready to play all the classics and favorites as a full band, it’s gonna be rock o’clock ❤️‍🔥 Hope to see y’all in August and super thankful and stoked for this opportunity!

✌🏽tickets on sale here now!

April Baby: Out Now!

7 April 2022

‘April Baby’ (out now!!) 🌼🌸 is about my sister Madeleine. It’s a sibling song about the growing relationships of brothers and sisters as they navigate adulthood and lean on each other when times get tough.

I’ve written many songs about Maddie around this theme but this song in particular is about her visiting me during the Spring and Summer of 2016. Our relationship had blossomed into something I never knew I could experience with her. All of our life our differences made it hard for us to get along, but as we got older, our differences made us complimentary. When I needed a different point of view I called her. She was my fire sign, my April baby. She made me think with more grit and with her in mind I feel as though I’ve been able to live more in the present and listen to the world around me.

After losing her this past year and experiencing April 8th without her for the first time, I decided to write April Baby. The lyrics capture many feelings and experiences around our relationship that would take more time to go in depth on, but if I could sum up this song I would say April Baby is about our time in Spring of 2016 when she came to Montreal during a tour and we flew to Fenway Park during the Boston Marathon. It’s weird how the song kinda has a “team spirit” nature around it because it wasn’t intended but it fits so very well. “If we lose we lose, as long as you’re beside me.” The two of us are huge baseball lovers so In my eyes this is an opening day song.

A song of hope and fresh beginnings.

Stream now here! 🦋💙

The Juniper Songbook: Out Now!

11 March 2022

The Juniper Songbook is now live for everyone to listen to 🌱☕️

We enjoyed every part of creating The Juniper Songbook, the first of hopefully many future Summer Salt songbooks. Working together to reimagine some of our favorite songs has been a fun and great adventure for us!

We hope you all enjoy these songs 💖

Listen now here!